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“Peace” is the state or condition that all of humanity seeks after, yet few seem to ever find. It is what Jesus offered those who will follow Him faithfully, and it is a fruit of the Spirit as recorded in Galatians 5: 22 & 23. To anyone paying the least bit of attention to current events of both our culture in the USA, and the world itself, peace seems to be impossible in these very hostile and violent times. To come to terms with this very desired state of being, we need to know what we are seeking for. “Peace” that God offers is being in agreement with Him and His will, not that everyone will agree with you and compliment you. As a matter of fact, the Bible promises that if we live at peace with God and seek to please Him, we will for sure have troubles from others in the world! (see 2 Timothy 3:12, John 16:33 & Matthew 10:34-39) While our world escalates in hatred toward those who will serve Jesus Christ, or anyone else who disagrees with them or their agenda, we need to be a people of faith who walk in self-control and love, proven by our daily walk of overcoming evil with good and truth. We who follow Christ must remain calm and focused on our Lord and His will, knowing that the raging of others does not change truth or what God has proclaimed as the path of righteousness. How will we do this? We do it by first of all surrendering ourselves to the saving grace and Lordship of Jesus Christ. We relinquish the right once and for all, as well as each and every day, to be “in charge” of our lives and choices (Luke 9:23).  As we go thru each day, we must choose to allow God’s Spirit to lead and empower us by saying “Your will be done, not mine!”. We must make it our top priority in life to honor God and serve Him (Matthew 6:33). In essence, we must die to ourselves so Christ and His Spirit can rule in and thru us. This is a daily choice and walk with God that no one can do for us, we must choose this path for ourselves. It is the path of “peace” though, so that even if others oppose us, as they will, we will know God is having His way with us and there will be joy in all circumstances!  (James 1:2-4) Choose peace today!


Pastor Gary Houdek