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Let’s not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

Galatians 6:9


As we are now eleven full months into this pandemic and the shut down of many things here in the USA, there are a great many people who are weary, lonely and discouraged. This is true also of Christians, and may I add, pastors of churches as well. Life as we knew it has been greatly disrupted and all our normal mechanisms and patterns for relationships have been altered. The uncertainty of the future is also weighing heavily on many folks. What are we to do as a people of faith? The answer is this: keep on doing good however you can! Plant and water the seeds of love and truth in faith wherever God gives you opportunity to do so. My friends, in due time the harvest of our efforts will be realized! Yes, the pressure to quit and give in to discouragement and weariness is very real, but we have a supernatural God and a supernatural power in us by the Holy Spirit that can help us overcome these challenges if we will but trust and obey the Lord. Now is the time to really dig deep into our faith and draw from the well of God’s Word and God’s Spirit so we can faithfully follow Jesus. Times of difficulty and uncertainty are the greatest opportunities to learn and grow in faith. Times of ease and prosperity tend to create a laxness in us all, but challenging times get our attention and help us to focus in a greater way. Talk to the Lord each day, and listen intently to His response to you in prayer, Bible study and your circumstances. When you get a directive from God on who you should give encouragement or an act of kindness to, be sure to do it. Good intentions mean very little; faith in action is where the ministry is! The above verse from Galatians serves to remind us that God will bring in a harvest from our efforts in due time and we will be rewarded for our love and faith if we will but persevere. Hang in there and stay faithful for God is always faithful to His Word and promises. Blessings!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Gary Houdek