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Then I will make up to you for the years that the swarming locust has eaten.

Joel 2:25


A very quick study of human history will reveal that tragedies, loss and suffering have always been a part of every nation and people group that have existed. We live in a fallen world that is filled with sin and where Satan dwells. The Bible reveals that all of the troubles in life have arisen due to man’s rebellion against God starting in the Garden of Eden. All of mankind now carries a sin nature that has corrupted us, our fellowship with God, and even nature around us. The only remedy for our sin and fallen nature is to surrender to Jesus Christ in faith for salvation and power to live rightly. This decision will not make all of the world around us be fixed and all of our problems go away, but it will bring us into a new and right relationship with our Creator who has now become our Redeemer.

In the above text, God was having His prophet Joel give a stern warning to the people of Judah to be sure they honor Him above all else just like we are to do also today in 2022. To rebel against God and His Word in the commandments was to invite certain judgment and consequences into their life. One of the most feared events in the time of Joel was to have a locust/grasshopper swarm descend onto their crops and devastate their land. For much of human history, most people lived in agricultural areas where the harvest of crops determined whether they ate or starved for the next year or years to come. A locust swarm could cause extreme distress on the people and nation. The Bible also reveals that God can use locust swarms to bring discipline and judgment on His people. This is the context of the message Joel is giving and this verse pertains to. It is always best to honor God above all other concerns and to obey Him to avoid consequences in your personal life. This is called having a “fear of God”.  Now we  know we all sin and fail the Lord. What are we to do if we fall into sin and now are experiencing the devastation of some sort of  “locust” in our life? The answer is the same as it has been for all of history: Repent and turn whole-heartedly to the Lord! God is gracious, long suffering and very forgiving. The consequences may take some time to be removed as God often leaves them as a reminder to us and others not to challenge or ignore Him; however, the verse above tells of a future hope. It has been my experience that this verse is true beyond any question; God can restore all that we have lost in years of rebellion once we give Him ourselves wholly. The “original crops” that we lost are gone for sure and some things in life we lose from our sin cannot be brought back, yet God will bring in “new crops” and “new things” into our life and we will find that He has more than replaced what we lost. God is good and generous to those who are truly His. If you have suffered loss in this life, grieve it completely and let it go and then see what God is bringing new to you. This life is truly a journey and we take nothing with us into eternity that is not out of love for God and other people. Whatever we do to honor Him will be rewarded in eternity, and I have found that we experience much of His recognition of our efforts in this life also. Blessings on you as you trust in Jesus Christ and follow Him daily!


Love in Christ,

Pastor Gary Houdek